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Blacksmith Class Description.

Blacksmithing classes are offered for the beginner artist blacksmith through advanced levels.  The classes emphasize techniques and processes useful for hobby and artistic blacksmithing. The curriculum starts with the basic use of coal forge fires and the fundamentals of hammer and anvil forging.  The two days of beginning blacksmithing classes fulfill the Illinois Valley Blacksmith Association  "Beginning Blacksmithing" standard.

  • Beginner – Day One class covers the fundamentals of blacksmithing listed in the description. Take home projects include a  steak turner, a heart hook hanger and time permitting a folded cross  and/or a beer bottle opener.  The class begins at 8:30, breaks for lunch and ends at 4:30.  Class fee is $100 which includes all necessary tools, class materials and lunch.  The forge shop classroom is in a modern weather tight building. Winter class size is limited to four students. Fall and Spring sessions may be larger.
  • Beginner - Day Two class can be scheduled for a later date.  This class will reinforce the Day One experiences by making an S-hook, then learn nail making and a leaf key fob.  Fee and time schedule is the same as for Day One.
  • Advanced processes and tool making classes are scheduled depending on demand.  Attendance at these classes require prior participation in the beginning level classes or equivalent experience.  Fees and day schedules are the same as the Beginning levels.

Note:  Blacksmithing is a potentially dangerous activity.  All efforts are taken to minimize potential injuries but there is an inherent risk in working with tools, fire and hot metal.  Medical expenses associated with any injuries incurred during the class are the responsibility of the student.  Minimum student age is 16 and must be accompanied by an adult.

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What our customers are saying...

"Bud,  Thank you so much for the awesome workshop experience last weekend!  I had a blast & Phil was on cloud 9.  Please tell Janelle ‘Thank you for the delicious lunch’!!  The whole day was just great."  - Elly & Phil

Hot Iron Blacksmith

Hot Iron Blacksmith