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Product list for reference

Product NameProduct NumberView
Candle holder for three candlesCH100view
Swinging BettyCH101view
Wee Willie WinkieCH102view
Miner’s Jam LightCH103view
Trammel Light w/2 cupsCH104view
S Scroll TravisCH108view
S Scroll TravisCH108-3view
J – Drop Pillar Holder (Lengths: 18,20,22,24 inch)CH109view
J – Drop Taper Holder (Lengths: 18,20,22,24 inch)CH109-1view
Scroll Drop Pillar Holder (Lengths: 18,20,22,24 inch)CH110view
Scroll Drop Taper Holder (Lengths: 18,20,22,24 inch)CH110-1view
Crown ScrollCH111view
Advent WreathCH113view
Candle Holder Renaissance CoilCH114view
Courting Candle HolderCH115view
Turtle HookCR100view
Coat Rack -Turtle Hook RackCR100-4view
Hook – Double AcornCR101view
Coat Rack – CR101-3 Acorn Double HooksCR101-3view
Heart HookCR104view
Heart Hook-doubleCR105view
Toilet Paper Holder-ScrollCR109view
Toilet Paper Roll Holder -Oak LeafCR110view
Plate HolderCR111view
Rod Hanger – Palm LeafCR112view
Towel BarCR113view
Rod Hanger – – Rams HornCR106view
Table-20 in Round Stand w/glass topFN100view
Scroll Coffee TableFN101view
Coffee Table 24X28X18FN105view
Gin Rummy TableFN107view
Shovel OnlyFT100view
Poker OnlyFT101view
Wall Bracket – Fire ToolsFT102view
3 piece fire tool setFT103view
Colonial ToasterFT104view
Fire Tool Set on StandFT105view
Pull-Pineapple TwistHW100view
Pull-Acorn HandleHW101view
Finial – TurtleHW103view
S Hook (6,9,12 inches)HW104view
Finial – Adirondack CurlerHW105view
J HookHW106view
Curtain RodHW107view
Finial LoopHW108view
Curtain Rod “L” BracketsHW109view
Finial Spiral CoilHW111view
Finial Staff HookHW112view
Pull-Twist HandleHW113view
Pull-Double Twist HandleHW114view
Pull-Bean HandleHW115view
Finial SerpentineHW116view
Finial Elm LeafHW118view
Finial Folded LeafHW119view
Finial Square PointHW120view
Finial Roman Spear PointHW121view
Finial Spear PointHW122view
Pull -3/4 inch square handle w/esclutcheonsHW123view
Escutcheon – PairHW123-1view
Door Handle with leaf endsHW124view
Hook with fishtail curlHW125-1view
Hook with leafHW125-2view
Pull-Bean w/TwistHW126view
Aconthus Leaf Drapery HangerHW128view
Garden Gate – dogwood center pieceLG101view
Heart Gate – 30 inchLG102view
Plant HangerLG105view
Scroll Fence, 6 ft.LG108view
Boot ScraperLG109view
Bird Bath Twisted Vine BaseLG111view
Protected: Cattail _ doubleLG113view
Cattail- Single on Round BaseLG114view
Birdbath on ScrollLG115view
Birdbath on three leg scroll foot baseLG117view
House Numbers-Dogwood BranchLG118view
Sun DialLG119view
Garden TrowelLG120view
Garden WeederLG121view
Gardener ScythLG124view
Letter Opener – LeafLO100view
Letter Opener -BallLO102view
Letter Opener – Shepard’s HookLO103view
Letter Opener w/Leaf LoopLO105view
Letter Opener – WizardLO106view
Letter Opener – TurtleLO107view
Letter Opener – Bull DogLO108view
Letter Opener – MouseLO109view
Letter Opener – HeartLO110view
Letter Opener-Pineapple TwistLO111view
Tiger LillySC101view
Iron Cross – 5″SC102view
Iron Cross key chain – Small 2″SC102-2view
Hearts AroundSC105-1view
Dogwood wall decorationSC106view
Double Scroll Wall OrnamentSC108view
Cattail BookendsSC109view
Christ’s Blood CrossSC110view
Celtic CrossSC111view
Sankofa Bird SculptureSC112view
Russian Rose and VaseSC113view
Napkin Rings (set of 4)TW100view
Ring Card HolderTW100-1view
RR Knife – Polish FinishTW102-1view
RR Knife / Sheath SetTW102-3view
Trivet – 3 Scroll BandedTW103-1view
Sugar Nipper on Wood BaseTW105view
Dogwood Paper Towel HolderTW106view
Turtle Towel HolderTW107view
Quilter Thread Stand – Dogwood Branch and FlowerTW108view
Quilter Thread Stand with CrossTW109view
Bottle Opener – HorseshoeTW110view
Bottle Opener – WizardTW111view
Bottle Opener – LeafTW112view
Bottle Opener – TwistTW113view
Bottle Opener – key loopTW114view
Plate Stand – tripodTW115view
Bottle Opener – RR Spike w/twistsTW116view
Bottle Opener – TurtleTW117view
Bottle Opener – Bull DogTW118view
Frog Paper WeightTW119view
Mouse Handle Cheese SlicerTW120view
Trivet – HeartTW121view
Protected: Candle Holder – Tall 3 Leg – eachTW122view
Candle SnufferTW123view
Dagger – Cross HandleTW124view
Sugar Nipper – Hand HeldTW125view
Bottle Opener – MouseTW126view
Bottle Opener – AngelTW127view
Vegetable ChopperTW128view
Wine Rack -Hanging Grape VineWR100view
Quilting Rod Hook HeartCR107view
Toilet Paper Holder – LeafCR108-1view
Toilet Paper Holder – HeartCR108-2view
Hot Iron Blacksmith

Hot Iron Blacksmith