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       Christ's Blood, 12inch. (SC110)      Cattail Bookends, 8"x11" (SC109)    Russian Rose and Vase


Tiger Lilly, 18 inch (SC101)       Dogwood Flower Oval, 13"x20" (SC106)    Plate Holder


                                decora5.jpg (25107 bytes)                   

36 inch Crown Scroll (CH111)              S Scrolls, 6"x30" (CH108-3)

                                                                w/Heart Hangers (CR107)


       4 Square Wall Scroll -36"x36"                 Double Wall Scrolls           

                    (SC105-1)                                    (SC108, each)


                                Heart Toilet Paper Holder                             Scroll Toilet Paper Holder           

            (CH108-4)                             (CR108-2)                                                (CR109)

w/ 4 Scroll Pillar Bases(CH110)


Dogwood Advent Wreath (CH113)       Advent Candle Opera (CH115)              Oak Leaf Holder



Dogwood House Numbers

Curtain Rod & Finials


(HW105)                (HW122)                (HW118)                (HW119)                (HW122)


(HW121)                (HW120)                (HW112)                (HW116)                (HW108)


(HW111)                (HW123)



Description Item Number Price
Tiger Lilly SC101 $180
Christ's Blood ( Base Shapes Vary) SC110 $167
Iron Cross - 5" SC102 $29
Iron Cross w/5x7in frame, leather matting SC102-1 $27
Iron Cross key chain - Small 2" SC102-2 $15
Iron Cross key chain - Large  4" SC102-3 $22
Dogwood flower Oval SC106 $180
Hearts Around SC105-1 $550
60 inch Double Scroll CH108-4 $200
Scroll Pillar Candle Holder CH110 $32
Double Scroll Wall Ornament, each SC108 $63
Crown Scroll - 36 inch CH111 $87
S Scroll Travis - 30 inch CH108-3 $93
S Scroll Travis - 36 inch CH108 $148
Heart  Hanger, ea. CR107 $20
Rams Horn Hanger, ea. DR106 $20
Palm Leaf Hanger, ea. HW110 $23
Cat Tail Bookends SC109 $167
S Scroll Travis - 48 inch CH108-1 $167
Adirondack Curler HW105 $27
Acorn HW122 $20
Elm Leaf HW118 $13
Folded Leaf HW119 $13
Italian Spear Point HW122 $23
Roman Spear Point HW121 $27
Square Spear Point HW120 $23
Staff Hook HW112 $13
Serpentine HW116 $13
Knot HW108 $13
Spiral Coil HW111 $27
Turtle HW123 $20
Rod - 7/8 inch, per foot HW107 $8
Toilet Paper Roll Holder-Plain  CR108 $24
Toilet Paper Roll Holder-Leaf  CR108-1 $32
Toilet Paper Roll Holder-Heart  CR108-2 $32
Oak Leaf Paper Holder CR110 $45
Plate Holder   $40
Scroll Toilet Paper Holder CR109 $100
Advent Wreath CH113 $295
Advent Candle Opera CH115 $325
Aconthus Leaf Drapery Hanger HW128 $200
Dogwood House Number   $225
Russian Rose and Vase   $275



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