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House Jewelry


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House jewelry is a term coined by a noted American blacksmith that aptly describes the complete range of iron decorations that are available to develop in three dimensional depth the unique combined feeling of warmth and strength.  

Candle Holders

Candle holders of Old World, Colonial, 19th Century and Contemporary design have always been favorites of interior designers.  There is just something about the classic look and feel of hand forged iron candle holders that compliments the warmth of a lighted candle.


Black Gold Treasures forged from iron best describes this category of products hand forged at the Hot Iron Blacksmith gallery.  In contrast to "white smithing" which was applied to the silversmiths, blacksmiths made all of the "not silver" kitchen cookware and table service.


Visit our selection of tapestry and drapery ironwork.  Finials and hold back design are available in complimentary patterns.  Rods are made heavier than standard to support the heavier drapery fabrics and tapestries.

Quilter Thread Stands  (See Tableware for Photos and Prices)

The quilter thread stands is a new line of specialty products to support the interests of the quilting enthusiasts.  These decorative thread stands support popular sizes of thread cones and provide an elevated guide to feed the thread to the sewing machine

Wine Racks

Wine bottle holders can be very decorative additions to your entertainment areas.  Shown is an example of a two bottle holder using a simulated grape vine with leaves.

  Other designs such as this large rack that is custom built and fitted to a buffet, can be made on special order.

Pricing and Ordering    

See item prices in each section.  Order form is printed on the Order Form Page.

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